Sporty Crafts
About Our Products
We use license products and turn them into a craft
(NO Painted or Dupicated Logos)

Natural Cedar
Our bird and squirrel feeders are made from 100%  cedar. We router finish edges for detail and then we soak the pieces in a tank containing Thompson's Water Seal. These pieces are then put together with galvanized crown staples.

License Plate Roofs
Our license plate roofs: Metal license plates are machine bent and attached with 4 statinless screws. 

Cap & Jacket Peg Hangers
Our cap & jacket peg hangers: License felt pennant is applied on 1/2" MDF board then cut out on a bandsaw. We spray the felt with a scotch guard protection. 3 wooden shaker pegs are use to hang your jackets, caps, ties and more...
Soaking Tank